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Figure skate Boot and Blade Care

Athletes understand that well maintained equipment will prevent injury or expense due to negligence or damage. Proper care of figure skates and blades will keep them looking good and help them last longer. Remember: blades can rust and leather boots can rot. The following suggestions are provided to maximize your enjoyment of your figure skates.

Proper Figure Skate Lacing

Lacing your figure skates properly prevents premature breakdown of your skating boot. Proper lacing will prevent injuries and extend the life of your boots.

To provide the proper support needed around the ankle, use a skate hook to pull the laces tight near your ankle.

Because you need flexibility, the laces are looser at the top of the figure skate. Your ankle has to be able to bend forward when you skate and jump.

If you lace the top too tightly, your boot will be under stress and will begin to form creases in the ankle area.

The arrows in the diagram indicate how to properly lace your boots.

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