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Figure Skate Fitting

Why Is the Right Size Important?

How to Fit Figure Skates

Figure skates made by different manufacturers fit differently. People’s feet come in different combinations of widths, heights and lengths. It takes time to achieve the best fit possible with your input. The general procedure for achieving a good fit is described here.

  1. Unlace the boot and open wide; pull the tongue forward.
  2. Insert foot. Slide foot all the way forward while keeping toes flat.
  3. Try to insert your index finger behind the heel. It should be a tight squeeze. Only half a finger width is recommended, otherwise the boot is too long.
  4. Kick the heel to the back of the boot. Fit the tongue in around the leg and lace up figure skate properly.
    1. If the throat of the boot is stretched too wide, the boot is too short or too narrow.
    2. If the throat of the boot appears narrow or the toe seam is buckled, the boot is too long or too wide.
  5. Stand up in both boots. The toes should be laying flat and not touching the end of the boot.
  6. Walk in the boots. The heels must stay down inside the boot and not move.
    1. If the heel is too wide and the foot moves, blisters or bone spurs may develop. This also promotes premature boot breakdown.

How to Trace Feet to Fit Figure Skates

It is possible to fit figure skates without trying them on by carefully tracing and measuring the skater’s feet. The following is provided as a courtesy to our rural customers. Tracings may be faxed to our store. One of our experienced staff will look after your request. Additional information may be required through a telephone consultation.

  1. While the skater is seated, hold a pencil in an upright position and trace carefully all the way around the foot. Have the skater stand before moving his or her foot, and retrace around the front half of the foot, being sure to hold the pencil in an upright position.
  2. Trace each foot on a separate piece of paper.
  3. Measure and clearly label the following on each sheet of paper:
    1. width of the tracing at the widest part of the foot in cm or inches
    2. total length of the tracing in cm or inches
    3. the circumference around the ball of each foot and label and mark on each sheet in cm or inches. (Use a string or cloth measuring tape.)
  4. Provide the following information on one of the sheets:
    1. make, model and size of current figure skate
    2. explain how current figure skates fit now
    3. describe the current condition of the figure skate – is it badly creased or just a little? how long has the figure skater been wearing the figure skate?
    4. age, weight and level of skating of the skater
    5. type of boot and blade requested. Consult the figure skater’s coach if unsure.
    6. contact information

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